Are you a civil servant, or aspiring to a career in the public sector, and interested in a bilingual position?

Alliance Française de Moncton has a long experience in teaching French to public servants of all levels of government.
We offer several options to help you maintain your current level in French, improve your proficiency and/or prepare for official examinations. We provide tailor-made training that can be adapted to you or your employees’ needs and schedule, as well as placement tests.

  • Experienced teachers: Our instructors have many years of experience teaching with this very specific curriculum, working with many different departments.
  • High-level curriculum: Our programs are an intensive preparation for the three parts of the federal exam (written comprehension, written expression, and oral) to enable you to achieve levels B and C. Our courses are designed in compliance with the standards of the Canada School of Public Service.
  • Flexibility: We work with you to design the best schedule possible for you and offer a wide range of schedule options: mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Plus you can choose the most convenient training location for you: online or in our premises.

Alliance française de Moncton offers an Intensive group course preparation for the French Second Language Evaluation Oral Language Assessment (Level C).

This course program is intended for people who must demonstrate a certain level of the French language to work for the federal government and public service. The goal of this course is to refresh and consolidate all oral skills (oral comprehension, expression, and interaction) evaluated in the SLE Oral Language Assessment in order to obtain level C, as well as getting familiarized with testing procedures and instructions.

Level C is the level of second language ability

  • in written expression for positions that require writing explanations or descriptionsin a variety of informal and formal work-related situations.
  • in written comprehension for positions that require comprehension of texts dealing with a wide variety of work-related topics.
  • of second language oral proficiency for positions that require handling sensitive situations where the understanding and expression of subtle, abstract, or complicated ideas are required or where unfamiliar work-related topics must be dealt with.

⚠️Please note that this intensive preparation is only offered to advanced students who have completed level B2.1 (online placement test available at Alliance Française de Moncton) or have a confirmed government level BBB or CBB (must send a copy of test’s results in the process of registering).