Over the last few months Alliance Française de Moncton has been working on a stimulating and fun program so that your children can learn French in a playful and friendly atmosphere.

Because learning a new language can be challenging and intimidating, our expert team has designed a program that will captivate your kids’s attention and show great results! It prepares kids to keep up or go beyond their French programs at school.

We use the Cap Sur collection, Éditions Maison des Langues (EMDL), a very dynamic textbook that will spark your child’s curiosity. It offers a progressive approach, simple and illustrated instructions, as well as a variety of learning tools (illustrated mind maps, visual grammar guides, authentic videos, songs to memorize vocabulary, and more…). This collection will challenge learners to be creative and will enhance the development of communication skills, both oral and written.

The AFM experience: 

It is an original learning method that tells the story of the Cousteaus’, an endearing French family who decides to go on a tour of the Francophone world, starting by moving to Canada! They are accompanied by Gaston the pigeon, an amusing and engaging mascot.

Join the adventure that has all the essential ingredients for a successful French learning!

Extensive Semester coursesIntensive Summer courses
16-week session
2,5 hour a week
40 hours in total
Groups of 3 to 8 kids
3-week session
15 hour a week
40 hours of class in total
Groups of 3 to 8 kids